Attract your ideal customer with the right design choices: Branding, Book design, Logo design & Web design. Helping you to be seen, to stand out and to be remembered.

Designed to Be Seen

You offer an amazing service. You are a great coach. You’ve written an amazing book… YOU know that, but how is your customer going to know? You need to be seen first, so that potential customers or readers will notice you.

Designed to Stand Out

Your brand, your book cover (what you look like to the outside world), is a way for you to differentiate, to stand out. You standing out is the  way to be recognized by potential customers or readers.

 Designed to Be Remembered

Understanding what works for your specific audience, and understanding what aligns with you as a person, is key to creating a unique visual presence on the web, in print and in your customer’s awareness.

The better you are being remembered by the right customers, the better for you and your business or book.

Our Services 

We help business owners, coaches and authorpreneurs to find their visual voice. To express their message visually.

  1. We offer book design services. 
  2. We offer branding services.

Prices & Packages 

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Package Deals available. Save up to $400! 

The Journey - branding package Bright Light Graphics 2014

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  • Package 00: Desire (Book Design + Publishing Package)
  • Package 0: The Journey (Web Banner + Email Header + Logo + Social Media Cover Image)
  • Package 1: Believe (Website + Logo)
  • Package 2: Joy (Website + Logo + Social Media Cover Images)
  • Package 3: Love  (Branding + Website + Logo + Social Media Cover Images)
  • Additional prices

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